Training Resources

Skill Development Frame Work

Industry Requirement Analysis

  • Mapping Industries needs.
  • Identifying employability skill gaps at entry level roles.
  • Identifying potential jobs roles in various industry sectors.

Skill Training Programs

  • Programs Endorsed by Industry.
  • Mapped to Skill qualification framework.
  • Provide skill development programs approved by authorized institutions.

Assessments and Certifications

  • Skill based Assessments & Trainings.
  • Global Certification and Recognition Programs.
  • Industry Recognition for Entry level roles.

Skill Training Programs

  • Creating strong linkage with Industries.
  • Placement Opportunities created for trained students.
  • Career Guidance and Continuous Assistance.

Learning Content Guideline

The Guideline is for commissioning and creation of skilling content and Serving as a framework, it offers space to customize the content development process according to the needs of the job role and learners. Spans right from understanding the audience profile, creating a content structure, framing learning objectives, it details Instructional Design approaches for vocational training, and roles and responsibilities in the process of content development. Traversing the steps of the actual development process, reviews and monitoring, it suggests how to track the health of the process.

Learning Resources


A Model Curriculum describes the recommended means, materials, methodology for delivering a training. The training material is created based on the Curriculum.

Free Learning Resources

Free Learning Resources for nearly 35 courses; data, including print media files and digital content, is available to all.


Participant Handbooks are used by the trainees and Facilitator Guides are used by facilitators/trainers to ensure smooth conduct of trainings. Participant handbooks have been made available in English

Dexter's Lab

This initiative offers the exchange of skilling resources of different kinds such as guides and books for trainers and trainees, PowerPoint presentations, technical material, equipment, training consumables as well as other items that may be needed during skilling.


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