Micro services with Spring Boot

Micro services with Spring Boot

Building Micro services with Spring Boot:

The latest craze trending in the market is a lot of organization prefer to build their application using Micro services architecture. The purpose of doing so is to allow deployment of Spring-based applications as stand-alone jar files that host their own web servers. The benefits of doing so is comprehending a codebase becomes easy. One can also scale up services without assistance and technology rewrites do become simpler. This Spring Boot with Microservices Course material does introduce you to Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and the Netflix OSS as many organizations prefer to deploy their applications in a Cloud environment instead of maintaining a datacenter.

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Microservices With Spring Boot Course Objective

  • Studying Spring Boot to create a separate website application and various RESTful services.
  • Creation of production ready services.
  • Studying executable JAR packaging with all dependencies included
  • Ensuring the secure transport layer via HTTPSBuild Microservices.
  • Monitoring microservices with Sleuth and Zipkin
  • Utilizing Zuul, Filter requests to your microservices.
  • Enabling the use of Netflix OSS to implement patterns for error lenience, service discovery, load balancing, other key parameters that concern the scalability for distributed systems
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