Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop

The lure of low cost, high availability, and sturdy processing power have got many organizations to Hadoop. By doing the Big Hadoop Course business professionals will be able to profile, transform and cleanse data. The Hadoop program will let you understand when IoT needs a specifics requirement and when it will act. You will also be acquainted with some of the popular modules to study such as Hadoop Common, HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce.

  • 40 hours instructor-led training course
  • Accredited trainers
  • Courseware developed by SMEs
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Flexible training schedule
  • Post-training support
  • Mock exams, practice tests & exam preparation guidance
  • Extensive hands-on

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Course Overview

  • Explore the core fundamental concepts of big data
  • Nurturing in-depth knowledge and scrutinizing the big data domain
  • Analyze the big data using intelligent techniques through Hadoop Training Program
  • Discovering various search methods and visualization techniques
  • Implementing various techniques for mining data stream
  • Getting assistance from Big Data Hadoop for Map Reducing Concepts
  • Creating an effective solution for problems that are conceptually and practically from diverse industries, such as government manufacturing, retail, education, banking/ finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Utilization of advanced tools/ decision-making tools/ operation research techniques to analyze the complex problems and get ready to develop such new techniques for the future

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