Apache Spark With Scala

Apache Spark With Scala

As an industry expert one should completely understand how important Apache Spark with Scala is for Big data. The Apache Spark program course is designed keeping in mind the necessity to write programs in a concise and elegant way. Attending this course gives you a practical approach to Spark programming, RDD Transformations, and Actions. You will also know and use Spark – SQL on Spark on YARN. As a professional, you will also get acquainted with some advanced concepts Spark Streaming, MLlib.

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Course Overview

This 4 days course provides aspirants knowledge of Scala Programming Basics and Apache Spark. It covers all the fundamentals you need to write complex Spark applications. Get a clear understanding of the limitations of MapReduce and the role of Spark in overcoming these limitations. Expertise in using RDD for creating applications in Spark. Gain a thorough understanding of Spark Streaming features. Understand the fundamentals of Scala Programming Language and its features. Mastering SQL queries using SparkSQL

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